Little is recorded or written anywhere about this variety, with it first showing up in a 1945 County fruit trial. Its exact origin is unclear and where it is listed it is simply recorded as originating in Worcestershire.

This obscure apple is a real gem of a find and has many good qualities. The fruits are attractive with a green and dark red running to almost purple skin colour and when ripe with some russet. The flesh is yellowish white, sweet, firm and possesses a nutty characteristic.

It is a good keeper and stored in a cool shed is still very good come February and March. It grows well as a garden tree and forms spurs, easily cropping from the second year onwards on the more dwarfing rootstocks.

Of all the heritage varieties of the county this highly obscure variety is a real find and well worth growing in any garden, allotment or orchard.

There are believed to be 28 varieties of Worcestershire apple

Facts & Figures

Green/dark red
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