King Coffee

King Coffee

This is another of those varieties of which little is known or recorded, yet it has the fascinating claim of being a coffee flavoured apple, making it a must for any collection.

It was exhibited in 1934 at an RHS Fruit Conference and 3 years later an E.W. Hobbies, a Horticultural Instructor for Worcestershire County Council, supplied graft wood to the National Fruit Trials claiming it to be an old variety of the county.

A dessert apple, the fruit matures to a dark maroon colour when fully ripe, beneath which the flesh is greenish white, sweet and juicy with sadly only the merest hint of coffee if discernable at all. Picked in October the fruit will keep until Christmas. As a tree it is one of the last apples to break bud and often still resembles bare sticks whilst other varieties are fully in blossom, however this characteristic makes it a worthy choice for frost prone sites.

There are believed to be 28 varieties of Worcestershire apple

Facts & Figures

Greenish white
Dessert apple
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