Jones’ Seedling

Jones’ Seedling

This apple is claimed to originate in the Teme valley area of Worcestershire, an early season apple with a skin of red streaks over a yellow-pale green base.

The apples seem to be of varying shapes and sizes on the same tree. It appears to have fallen from favour after WWII and is now extremely rare and localised to the St Michaels’s and Tenbury area.

It is almost certainly not the same Jone’s Seedling as the one listed in the National Apple Register as being a late season variety from Epsom in Surrey (1938). Jones being a common name and ‘seedling’ a common pomological reference it could well have been a seedling that was replicated by grafting in only a very local area. There is anecdotal evidence of it being grown in several orchards in the Tenbury area in the 1930’s but beyond this there are seemingly no other references.

There are believed to be 28 varieties of Worcestershire apple

Facts & Figures

Yellow-pale green with red streaks
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