Herefordshire Russet

Herefordshire Russet

A modern dessert russet, raised in 1975 by Mr Hugh Ermen, Faversham, Kent. Introduced in 2003 by Frank P. Matthews Ltd., Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.

As a tree they are strong, upright and seem well suited to heavier and wetter soils, thus making it a good all rounder. They are ripe from late September onwards and will store from October to January. The flesh is hard, crisp and juicy, creamy white with a slight greenish tinge. It has the nuttiness of other russets, yet with an added juiciness, a good example of the best of modern apple breeding with some good traditional characteristics. Obviously not by name or origin a truly Worcestershire variety.

There are believed to be 28 varieties of Worcestershire apple

Facts & Figures

Green-ish tinge
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