Also sometimes pronounced ‘daddin’ this is an unusual apple found mostly around Redditch. The apples are bright green, smooth skinned and turn somewhat yellowish as they become ripe in late July / early August.

Ripening this early they do not keep and it is claimed they were usually eaten whole, including the core. No bigger than a golf ball when fully mature and slightly elongated. Flesh is juicy and sweet.

The tree is claimed to grow freely on its own rootstock and makes a small, slow growing tree of a bushy nature. Often with multiple stems. Tolerant of wet and heavy clay soils.
As late as 2009 there were only a handful of known trees, perhaps less than twenty, but since then a few others have been discovered and new grafted trees made available so the population is on the rise.

Almost certainly an obscure wilding that someone decided to propagate. It is hard to see its appeal beyond being a source of fresh fruit very early in the season, before most other varieties are ready.

There are believed to be 28 varieties of Worcestershire apple

Facts & Figures

Bright Green
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